A Window In…

This will be my photo dump…
Things I see, things I find interesting and more…
Nothing fancy just pictures from my point and shoot camera…
As I go around town I will take pictures of Memphis and surrounded areas and post them here, feel free to comment, critic but as always be nice or leave.



One thought on “A Window In…

  1. I wonder if you made the guy at Starbucks feel bad about spelling your name wrong!!! lol Jer always tells them my name is Hot Sauce and that his is Smokey, so they can yell out those names when our drinks are ready. Kinda funny… the first time he did it, I didn’t know and he left me waiting for them while he went to the bathroom. THey yelled out Hot Sauce and I turned bright red and high-tailed it to my seat… he’s so sneaky! lol

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