Went in a little “safari” with my buddy Joey* and found some interesting things in Downtown Memphis…
Trolleys are one of my favorite things downtown, for some reason every time I ride in one I feel like I am in a movie from back in the day. More pictures to come.

*if you click on Joey’s name it will take you to his blog…DO IT!


2 thoughts on “StreetCar

  1. Alex, what a great shot. Not only of the car, but the whole trolley line as far as you can see and the little streetcar stop. The brick street tells me it is Main Street. Blue sky and just the right amount of twiggy tree shadows. Nice. I remember riding the streetcar with my mother when I was a kid, over sixty years ago. Great memories of a better day in the City Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. The Chamber of Commerce will want this one! More, please!

  2. Aleks, thanks for the preview the other night. Can’t wait to see what you do with some of the other shots. I’m working on a post about our outing. Please post more pics soon.

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