Memphis Press-Scimitar

Before The Commercial Appeal came out, Memphis witness the union of two newspapers, Memphis Press and Memphis New-Scimitar, they became the Memphis Press-Scimitar, the rival of The Commercial Appeal. The building at 8 S. Third St was its house and interesting enough The Appeal and the Press-Scimitar where own by the same company, The E.W. Scripps Company.
In 1983 the last edition of The Memphis Press-Scimitar was published.
For what I heard when Martin Luther King was killed you could see tanks pass by this building*

*random fact


One thought on “Memphis Press-Scimitar

  1. I was witness to the tanks on Third Street, working at MLGW across the street from the Sterick Building on Madison Avenue during that dreadful time. I wrote about it in my book, HOUSE NOT MADE WITH HANDS. It was scary, living in “occupied territory.” I could look out my window toward North Third and see the tanks lined up on Third Street. Not a place you wanted to be at such a time as that.

    Love the photo of this old building. I’m so glad you’re taking shots of all the old landmarks. It’s essential! Can’t wait to see more.


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