Best Burger since 1984*

When it comes to a burger in Memphis we have a lot of different places we can go, but for me the best burger in town is at Huey’s, no they are not paying me for this.
The burgers are tasty, juicy and hot. Huey’s is a place to share laughs with friends over some good food. I enjoy going there so much that I order the same thing every time, not because I don’t like anything else but because I love what I get.
Huey’s history goes back to 1970, when it was just a tavern and eventually turned into a restaurant. A fun fact: They have toothpicks on the ceiling and its for a good cause, they come down “every so often” and do a contest, the money out of that goes to a charity.

Wondering what I order… Señor Huey (medium), no lettuce, no onion, add jalapeños, fries and a side of ranch. What’s your order at Huey’s?

*Huey’s has won best burger in town every year since 1984 on “The Best of Memphis” poll from The Memphis Flyer.


One thought on “Best Burger since 1984*

  1. Smokey Melt Burger is the best one on the menu–if I get a vote. I love your blog. Keeps reminding me that this old town has still got something good to show us. You always do a superb job of pointing that out- Alex. Thanks again.

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