Duck House

Opening in 1925 The Peabody is one of the best known hotels in Memphis. The most famous part of the hotel are the Peabody Ducks. I could tell you about all the beautiful things the Peabody has or the nice shoppes or even the fancy schmancy restaurants in it but I will tell you about… my wedding night.

After our wedding I surprised wifey by getting a room at the Peabody (something she has always dreamed of). So we get to the Peabody and because she wanted to walk around in her dress we decided to sit in the lobby and have a drink, after that we went to our room, we had been upgraded to a room on a private floor so the bellman took us up to the room and like a regular jokester he proceeded to show us how to work the TV, the bathtub, and even the robes…. I mean hello!, Bride and Groom we don’t care about that stuff just get out of our room. So we shut the door and wifey immediately says get this dress off me! I of course am thinking OHHHH YEAHHHH!!!!! so I gently unlaced the back of her dress and she runs in the bathroom, a few minutes later she pokes her head out and asks for her bag, after hearing the shower running and wondering what was going on she walks out of the room and I must say the three little words she said next will stay with me forever…………”I wet myself!”  WOW!!! now I know what you are thinking she sounds like a very classy lady, well actually she is but neither her or I realized that on a dress like that you just need to cut those stupid laces because once you get it to a certain level it just wont budge.


One thought on “Duck House

  1. she’s gonna shoot you! lol

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