No Chain Coffee

After drinking coffee in different, random coffee shops, I came across the very famous Republic Coffee. I have heard about it, but never been to it until last Friday (04.15.11).

The music is very 90’s and the atmosphere is very eclectic.  I sat down to do some work since they have free WiFi, it was very nice, it didn’t feel busy or like I was being rushed, not like the chained coffee shops out there. I found it to be very refreshing.
Founded in 2003 in Midtown Memphis. Republic is a privately owned and operated café. They have awesome, made from scratch food and as you walk in and you can smell a nice smooth coffee aroma.

I have been in a “Eat Local” kick and I have learned that local places have great food for great prices and great service.


One thought on “No Chain Coffee

  1. i love this story. great job and its nice when u like the food,people and atmosphere<3

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