Chinese Sub Shop

There are some hole in the wall places that we see and we are too afraid to walk in. That’s how I felt about this place, The Super Submarine Sandwich Shop. My best friend Jeremy told me about it and one day he finally got me there to get dinner with some friends.

Here is the set up:
Dimmed lights, a line out the door, dated seats and tables, half of it looks like it is not being used anymore (but it still is), fridge to the side that serves as a storage since it has boxes in it and not functioning and a little chinese lady that seems to be in a hurry asking for your order.

I always get the same thing – 8″  Super Sub no onions on soft bread. I have never seen anyone order any chinese food besides the spring rolls (they are tasty). The sandwich is out of this world. It puts all those chained sub shops to shame and the price is even better.
Last time I was there I managed to ask the lady how long they have been in business she said…close to 40 years. That’s longer than I have been alive. If you ever get a chance go there, Highland and Southern by the Railroad tracks, you won’t regret it.

Super Sub NO onion on Soft Bread


6 thoughts on “Chinese Sub Shop

  1. its always the whole in the wall ghetto shops that have the best food. Im just like u and im skeptical to walk in such places but when i finally do…………ITS SUPER WORTH IT!!!!!! Big name food chains are loosing alot of people now cause “they just dont put the effort in anymore” …

  2. omg, thats the place we always used to pass when we were little and i would always look at it, and it would freak me out just cuz of that painting of that lady on the outside, but i always did wonder about it. cool! its like you lived out a little dream of mine for me too 🙂

  3. We used to call this the Sub Nazi and it’s the best sandwich place in town. Makes me want to eat there tomorrow. Good Memphis spot! Keep it up.

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