The Other Half

Sorry for the delay but life somehow decided to speed up. This was a change I wasn’t expecting, having to pack to move is not fun. Most of you know about the weather in Memphis lately. We have had thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods and more. The city was shaken by mother nature and music by the river (Memphis in May)

You are probably wondering why a post with some ring and not Memphis or the flood. This past week was the 5th anniversary of the day I proposed to my wife (04.28.06). Yes this is a post about the wifey.

As mother’s day approaches I can’t express how thankful I am for the wifey. She has put up with me for almost 7 years (2 dating and 5 married). We have a cute little boy, The Offspring, she is the coolest with him and me. She is always willing to do whatever it is to be a great mom. Every year we are always too worry about our own mothers that it almost feels that we skip mother’s day for her and sadly this year we are moving on mother’s day weekend. But I will make it up to her soon after.

You are probably wondering what does the engagement and the mother have in common, well the fact that we got engaged and married was cool and dandy but eventually she became a mother and I have the honor to be around to see her be the best mom she can be.

Go give that mother in your life a hug and a kiss – she could be your mom, sister, wife, friend…there is no love like a mother’s love.


6 thoughts on “The Other Half

  1. With Bible open to the Song of Solomon, slightly faded to the most precious portion of that scripture! And that gorgeous ring. This is priceless, Aleks. And I know your lovely wife is happy to move on Mother’s Day just to be by your side. You’re the best.

    As Joey’s mother, my love to you and yours!
    Jane BG

    • Thanks Aleks. This would of being the first mother’s day that my children would not of had me if it were not for the devoted prayer and faith of my family and friends…but mainly God’s mercy and grace. Thanks for giving me sure JOY that it flooded my heart and eyes with tears. I love you and i am so happy that you have a great relationship with Sarah. Jaxson is a blessing that brings constance joy and brings out the best in you as a parent and husband. I count you as one of my many blessings!

      • The prayers never stop. You are amazing mom also. You raised 3 great kids and I know they love you very much. It is a blessing that I know you too, your strength inspires me. Love ya

    • Thanks Mrs. Jane, I am glad you got the verse on the picture. My wife gave me a ring that has the verse “I am my beloved…” on it in hebrew.

  2. Sweet post Aleks. Your beautiful bride deserves it for being a good mom to Jax and loving you the way that she does. Love yall!

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