Mississippi Ocean

So we went downtown today to see what the Mississippi river looks like. You are probably thinking why did I go see the river?, With all the rain and crazy weather we have been having the river has risen…A LOT.
Since 1937 the river hasn’t been this high, 48 feet, it was a sight to see. It was a nice, toasty day in Memphis so everybody was there. You could see the Memphis Queen river boat sailing on top of what was a park a couple of weeks ago. Riverside Dr. was closed to traffic, the park that is there was underwater. Memphis in May Music Festival was just a week ago and they barely finished it before the water covered the park. BBQ Fest had to change locations since the water is covering the park.

Fun Fact: the park that is under water is Tom Lee Park and back on May 8 1925 a guy named Tom Lee saved 32 people from a sinking ship, the crazy thing about it – HE DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO SWIM.
You can also read more about it on Midtown.Middle Class.Medium Rare.


4 thoughts on “Mississippi Ocean

  1. holy moly! i better pack my boat huh?

  2. Jer and I saw it on Friday… and then again on Sunday too. It’s pretty freaky how high it is! With all of the people checking it out, you’d think Memphis was a major tourist attraction! Great pics Aleks!

  3. I love your blogs, i learn something fun and new each time, and its sorta like a mini news brief , especially since im always too busy these days to get out and see it for myself:}
    Spanks, triple A!

  4. Dude this was so cool and i cant believe how the riverboat was sailing thru the park like it was actually part of the river. i so enjoy readong ur blogs and you get extra points for the wedding bands and the pasaage underneath the bands………….thats was absolutely amazing and romantic and ur mom and wife are proud i know.

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