The Memphis Mural(s)

This week I got to see 1 of 10 “I Love Memphis” murals. It was really cool.  I Got to meet  one of the bloggers that I follow, the always friendly Kerry from The I Love Memphis Blog, and Brandon the artist behind the mural.

These Murals are going to be all over the city thanks to Kerry and the friendly folks from the Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), the City of Memphis and the Urban Arts Commission. The first one was done by Brandon Marshall (pictured below). I was there to see it and it was AMAZING. This one in particulary is on Cooper St (between Central & York), you should go check it out.

When I first moved to Memphis people used to tell me that Memphis sucked. Then I got a job in Midtown and it was a whole different world. I love Midtown and I learned that Memphis has a lot of great things and great people.

Kerry - The I Love Memphis Girl

Some of the good things Memphis has is: a great Triple A baseball team, The Redbirds; a great NBA team, The Grizzlies; great BBQ, Memphis in May Music Festival, the Blues, Sun Studio…I can keep going, what are some of the things you like about Memphis?

Fun Fact: There is a contest for a mural design, out of the 10 murals scheduled only 7 have a design, it is our job to come up with the last 3. Check out I Love Memphis Blog for details. The paper you see on the wall is from people writing what they love about Memphis.

I do have to admit something, the last 2 pictures were done by my DSLR, the first one is from my Point n’ Shoot. To this event I had to pull out the big camera. So its like I have a special guest on my blog. Everyone say hello to the Rebel.


3 thoughts on “The Memphis Mural(s)

  1. Love this! Must take pictures with this!!!!!

  2. so inspiring and uplifting!!! memphis people need to come as one and stop all this foolishness cause when the news shows all the negative,people forget all the positive and this mural deserves to speak what memphis is all about!!! Good one Mr Antonio:)

  3. I Love how you Love this town. There is something about this place that gets to you. It’s always a pleasure to look at this blog and see this city through your eyes. Thanks.

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