The Undead Walks

This past week I went downtown for an event that happens every spring…The Memphis Zombies Massacre 2011. This was the 5th year of the walk and it was insane.
I was able to drag some friends along, Joey, Sarah and Mr. H (Joey’s offspring), and we had a great time. We walked up Main Street and down Beale Street, it was funny to see some of the people drinking and freaking out because they didn’t know what was going on when around 7:00pm a massive amount of zombies were walking down the street.

They had zombie fighters and all. The Memphis Zombie Massacre is organized by a handful of community activists, zombies and horror enthusiasts, and all-around wacky folks who love to see fun and creative things happen around the city. So every time I hear people tell me that nothing crazy happens in Memphis I will point to this day, this was a crazy spectacle.

Got to see some friends from the Hauntedweb of Horrors, and since it is a family event I got to see some “undead” families walking downtown. This family in particular is going to be at the Hauntedweb this year, yes the kids too.

This years they were collecting Cans 4 Brainz before the walk to donate to the Mid-South Food Bank. They were able to donate, thanks to the zombies, about 500lb of food, so zombies also have a heart for the city, not only to eat it. Now you know and get ready for next year and you might actually see me in the zombie crowd.


2 thoughts on “The Undead Walks

  1. Great pictures! I had such a good time and it was also good to meet you!

  2. This was awesome dude.Fun for a good cause and it can be a family adventure as well.I think next year i would like to participate or donate to the food drive.

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