I got to hang with some of the coolest doggies in Memphis. The crew from Streetdog Foundation was so happy to show these sweet little dogs. I packed up my family and went down to Hollywood Feed on Union for the adoption day. They had about 15 dogs with them that are searching for a new and loving home.

After talking to Melanie on the phone I knew I was in for a treat, got there and shortly after they started to arrive. A big trailer filled with kennels for easy transporting. A lot of mixed breeds and all so sweet dogs.

Starting back in August of 2009. Streetdog Foundation is a Memphis, TN-based dog rescue founded and operated by Melanie and Kent Pafford. Streetdog has special experience with bully breeds, and works with other local rescue organizations and volunteers to place special pets in their forever homes.

They have some of the cutest little doggies. One thing they always need other that a forever home for the dogs is volunteers willing to help out/foster some dogs. Streetdog being a small foundation don’t have a facility so fostering some doggies would be a big help for them.

Fell free to checkout their facebook profile (and LIKE them) or petfinder to see some of the dogs they have. Email them if you want to foster or come by Hollywood Feed on Union to adopt your own (every second Saturday)

If you read my blog before you know I love to promote local bussiness and local causes and this is one worth promoting. I love the fact that they help dogs around town and make sure they find a home for them. They are really nice people with a really big heart, so for your next pet come see them, you won’t regret it.


7 thoughts on “StreetDog

  1. That was awesome dude.I am a pet lover and this story hit dear and close to my heart.My dog solemon was a rescue dog and he had been abused.Foster,shelter,and rescue adopted pets are the most loyal companions and i can speak first hand about it cause im a rescue dog owner.Good job dude …………u made me tear:)

  2. Thanks for bringing attention to this much needed event!

  3. Nice post, Alex. You do some great things via your superb photography.

  4. Thanks for taking us along. i sure fell in love with Fiona!!!!

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