It’s Summer – have a Paleta

The first time I heard about this place I was reading the ilovememphisblog and for some reason I kept hearing about the awesome paletas from all my latino friends. The place is La Michoacana on Summer Ave. When I talked to the wifey about going here we had to make sure we took the offspring with us.

Mango Paleta in a cup

They had all kinds of flavors and tasty combinations. Anything from the basic mango, strawberry, pineapple, coconut; to more exotic flavors like: mango and chile, oreos and cream, rum raisin, strawberry’s and cream, rice pudding and much more.

Mango Chile Paleta

The mango and chile one was awesome. Not too sweet, not to spicy but all tasty. The mango one the offspring was eating was actually mine, it had pieces of mango in it. I gave him some and next thing I know he didn’t want to give it back. The wifey had oreo n cream, this paleta had whole oreos in it…oh my!.

Oreo and Cream

Being Latino this place reminded me of paletas back home. Homemade with fresh fruit, no extra “stuff” in it, just the good stuff. They have paletas, different types of refreshments – horchata and more, ice cream – from vanilla to cajeta (caramel). There were a lot of people there and lots of sitting.

Rice Pudding Paleta

After the offspring was tired of mine he took my sister’s paleta, of course he had some of the oreo one too. Hers was rice pudding, you are probably wondering “rice what? paleta”…yes it was delicious.
If you are ever in the Summer and Graham area stop by there and enjoy a very tasty paleta.


4 thoughts on “It’s Summer – have a Paleta

  1. Love it,Love it ,love it!!! Especially enjoyed how u put the offspring in the story which gave it great character and a true visual to how the experience was.Awesome Mr Antonio:)

  2. Beautiful. The post and the new look! Great job, Aleks!

  3. I want to go here!

  4. is it kinda like a orchata (sp?) but frozen?

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