Oldest Dive…

Hello…its been a while.
This past week I had the chance to go walking downtown and do some people watching. I ended up going in to a very old dive bar Earnestine and Hazels.

History on this place goes waaaay back. I walked in and I saw 2 couples, one dancing by the jukebox and the other just sitting having dinner. I talked to Steve – he was behind the bar, got me a brew and some nice history about Earnestine and Hazels. Starting on the 30’s E&H was a drug store, in the 50’s it became a bar and it was a brothel upstairs and in the 90’s became what we know as the “oldest dive bar in Memphis”. One of the cool things I saw, towards the back there was a second restaurant and upstairs they have a bar and they do ghost tours.

After talking to Steve I started to take some pictures around the place until Steve said, go upstairs and take some pictures up there. It was creepy, I didn’t see any ghosts but I think it was my mind messing with me and one too many scary movies, LOL. I had a great time there, by the time I was leaving a crowd started to show.

Some fun facts: quite a few movies were filmed here. My Blueberry Nights (great movie with Nora Jones), 21 grams (from one of my favorite spanish directors Alejandro González Iñárritu), Black Snake Moan (with Memphis own Justin Timberlake), Elizabethtown and many more.


7 thoughts on “Oldest Dive…

  1. And they have a GREAT hamburger there!!!

  2. Very interesting Memphis history, Aleks. Thanks, and keep shooting!

  3. You HAVE to try the ‘soul’ burger next time. It’s worth a trip back down there. Call me next time and I’ll go with you.

  4. The best part was the brothel and of course the possible ghost stories!!!!! I love homie places cause they have the best customer service and they really know how to treat the good people of the south:)

  5. We’ll go on a wednesday and here another wednesday nightlife band! 🙂 (no x-factors…i dont think 🙂 and have a go at that soul burger…so i can warm up for the kookamunga!

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