Into town on a school night…

Last week I got to share some laughs and tasty food with some good friends. Fellow blogger Peter (Midtown. Middle Class. Medium Rare), fellow photographer Kimberly (KimbaWayne Photography) and fellow fellow Tyler (just all around cool dude). We went to B.B. Kings to see a band play, Memphis Jones and his band, talking about a fun show.

When Kimberly told me about the band and she mention Memphis Jones, I have to admit I was excited about it. Memphis Jones knows a lot of things about Memphis and I have seen some of his video blogs about Memphis and since my blog is about Memphis I was excited about it. Hopefully I will be able to interview him and get some cool facts about the city soon.

One thing I was able to see was how wrong people are when they say there is nothing to do in Memphis. I was out on a Wednesday night and the city was on and alive. I got to see and hear 2 different bands in 2 different places, B.B. Kings and Silly Goose.

One thing I got to learn was that every night during the week someone has some life music, and some pretty awesome local bands. If you are willing to go out and have some good fun to break up the monotony of the week check out the local bars for their live music schedule, grab some friends and get ready to have your night rocked, just don’t forget you gotta work the next day.

One thing be careful, don’t drink and drive and don’t be afraid of meeting new people.


One thought on “Into town on a school night…

  1. wow ok thats pretty darn cool. I use to be one of those people saying there is nothing to do in memphis but after reading this blog i now see there is always something going on ,we just have to get up and get out. Once again ………..AWESOME MR ANTONIO;)

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