30 day Photo Challenge

I am still around, just got a little too busy.
Here is what’s going on, I am doing (started on Aug 1st) a 30 day Photo Challenge. Some of my photographer and non photographers friends are joining in the fun. The reason I am doing this is to add more stuff in my plate, LOL. Actually it is to learn different techniques of editing, picture taking and even setting up.

Yesterday, August 1st, was Self-Portrait day. Here is mine.

So you will see these pop up every day in between my regular blog stuff. This should be fun. You can see the rest of the people’s photos on my facebook page and feel free to “like” it.

Here is the complete list if you decide to play too
Rules: Start on August 1st.
Have fun and be creative.
Just post them on the POINTnSHOOT Chronicles wall everyday
From high angle
From low angle
Long exposure
Bokeh – Loosely defined, bokeh is the quality and “feel” of the out-of-focus foreground or background elements of a photo. It isn’t very interesting by itself, but take a photograph whose subject is enhanced by the bokeh of the background.
Black and white
Diners, Drivie-ins and Dives
Close up/macro
Night Shot
Landscape in portrait orientation
Portrait in landscape orientation
Soft Focus
Tripych – A triptych is a work of art which is divided into three sections which are hinged or connected. For this challenge, create an entry consisting of three panels that tells a story or illustrates a concept or object. Your panels can be subdivisions of one photo or be constructed from up to three separate photos, all of which must be shot within the challenge time frame.
A Door
Faceless portrait
Minimalist -Create an image where your subject is the strong point of the image, but only occupying a very small portion of the image space
Fill the Frame – Compose your photograph so that nothing but your subject is in the frame.
Pieces of the human form – Your image should use as its primary subject some part/parts of the human body, but NOT the whole body
Childhood without children – Capture your impression of “childhood” without having a child in your picture!
High Key – A high key photograph is one where the overwhelming majority of the tones in the image are above middle gray (including any shadows) yet still maintains detail even in the brightest areas of the subject. Photograph a shot that’s high key this week
Low Key – Low key describes a mostly dark image, with few highlights.
Color on Color – Take a picture of a colored subject or subjects on the same color background
Stopped Motion – Catch your subject mid-action — that means no motion trails! Let’s see how well your timing meets your creativity.
S-Shape – An S-curve is a line (often in the shape of an ‘S’) that leads the viewer through the image. Use the classic S-Curve to compose your photo. The curve may be literal or implied
1 second exposure – Take a photograph using a shutter speed of exactly 1 seconds.
Street Photograph – Do your best to capture a quality photograph using street photography techniques.
Panoramic Photo


2 thoughts on “30 day Photo Challenge

  1. Nice pic, that shirt looks familiar. Hair looks good, even super short!

  2. Dang, I missed the start date! I was thinking of doing something similar myself.

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