Day 5: Sunset

Today started like a normal day until the rain came and lots of rain. I was at work most of the day thinking how I would be able to get a “sunset” photo for the challenge. I even thought of just drawing a sunset and taking a photo of it.
Around 6:45pm I could tell that we were going to get a sunset, so my familia came with me to Harbor Town, by the Mississippi River (for those out of foreign to Memphis) and took some pictures.

After taking so many shots I decided to make the offspring stand in to add something else to the shot.


3 thoughts on “Day 5: Sunset

  1. Perfect picture! Great job, my friend!

  2. Great pic!! I love landscape shots. Check out the ones in my FB photos that I took in Mexico..

  3. Your kid nis going to be a model before he gets to the 5th grade. wallah he just fits into everything and it fits him also. Love that kid:)

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