Day 13: Portrait in Landscape Orientation

Here is a friendly face we all know about, Mr. Peanut. I happened to run in to him at the Peanut Shoppe in downtown Memphis.
You are probably thinking I am going to write a post about it and you are right, but I feel that this place deserve a post with more photos, so stay tune.

This Mr. Peanut sits on top of a peanut roaster and when you hear how old it is you wont’ believe it.


2 thoughts on “Day 13: Portrait in Landscape Orientation

  1. I know it is almost as old as moi! I remember it from way, way back, and always loved going there. The aroma coming from that shoppe was… well, unexplainable. It reminded me of Christmas and true love and home and happiness and a trolley ride in Downtown Memphis all rolled into one, but so much more! You know, that feeling you get at the first snow fall. Okay, I’ve gone too far trying to describe how much I love the Peanut Shoppe. Thanks for reminding me! Love ya, friend!

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