The mind behind @ilovememphis

If you are one of those who loves to read blogs and you are in Memphis you have probably seen/read/heard about the I Love Memphis Blog.

I had the pleasure to sit and chat with Kerry and learn how this blog came to life.
We met at a local coffee shop and talked for about an hour. She was excited about the blog turning 2 years old this month, August 16 to be exact, and the readers are getting free goodies.
The blog won Memphis Flyer’s Best of Memphis “Best Local Blog & Best Twitter” in 2010; she said that she doesn’t know if she will win or not this year, but she’ll be happy if she does.

Why Memphis? First Post? Favorite Things?, those were some of the questions I asked her. We talked about a little bit of everything, I think we did more laughing than anything else.
Kerry’s idea was to go to Chicago after college in Muncie Indiana, but the cold weather was one of the reason she came back to Memphis. After being in Memphis for a while she was apporached about doing freelance work for CVB and the rest is history. She was able to set her own schedule, work from “home” and be involve in what Memphis does.
On of her first post she talked about the band Big Star and their new Box Set. A lot of the posts on the blog are about stuff that happen every week in Memphis. On some of the most popular post you’ll see stuff like: 5 things to do this weekend, 365 Memphians, the return of 30 days of free stuff (make sure you sign up).
The one answer that blew me away was when I asked for her favorite thing about the city, for someone that writes about the city her favorite thing was the fact the she is amazed about how much she still doesn’t know about Memphis; the fact that every night there is something going on; she also said “you have to invest in your city, if there is nothing to do, you make something up and do it”.
My personal favorite post are the “5 Things to do this weekend”. It helps me plan what I am doing on the weekends even if I am only going out to take pictures. She has a very cool way to do this; you will see: 1 music event, 1 free or cheap event, 1 family event, 1 event out of the midtown/downtown and 1 random event. This only comes out on Friday but feel free to check out the calendar during the week and see what’s happening around town.
If you happen to follow her on Twitter, Facebook or the ilovememphis blog, you will notice she is a very busy person. Besides the blog she has taken over a radio spot at 89.9FM WEVL, Memphis Mystery Train every Thursday morning from 8 a.m. – 10 a.m; she is a active member of the Roller Derby team Women of Mass Destruction as Lady Problems and she is also a DJ at Hi Tone…yes DJ Lady Problems.
Make sure to check out her blog often, she has all kinds of cool stuff going on. Sign up for 30 days of free stuff, if you are from out of town check out the “Move Here” section.


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