Roller Derby

Since 2006 an old sport came back to life in Memphis, Roller Derby. I got to watch the Memphis Roller Derby and it was amazing.
These ladies don’t hold back, they are not afraid to get down and dirty. It was a double header night, the games were fast and angry. Two of Memphis teams (Angels of Death & Women of Mass Destruction) played against a team from Chattanooga (Scenic City Roller Derby) and one from Tulsa (Tulsa Derby Brigade).

I got to enjoy this with some cool friends. I love dragging friends to events and not sitting with me because I am too busy taking pictures. My friends are a good sport, they seem to enjoy/put up with my ideas. Big thanks to Bill, Peter and Mr. H for coming along.

At the end of the night both Memphis teams won. It was great. So, back to the derby history, its been in Memphis since 2006, we have 3 teams, Women of Mass Destruction, Angels of Death and PrissKilla Prezleys and 1 travel team, Hustlin’ Rollers, this one is made up by the girls from all 3 teams.

Remember I talked to someone that does the derby??? The lady on that last picture is #404 Lady Problems doing what she does best, jamming and rocking at the derby. The season is almost over for 2011, the championship game is Sept. 10, 2011 at Funquest, Collierville, TN from 7pm – 10pm, you should check it out.


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