So here is the deal….

I started a 30 day challenge and I didn’t finish, I did 17 days only. Do I feel bad? Maybe, Am I going to try again? of course!!
Life got busy, I was not able to keep up with the challenge. The hardest part of the challenge for me was keeping the theme of my blog and some of the days were a little tough.
This is what I did the last 2 weeks of the month…

I did a photo session for a great friend of mine, no she didn’t ask, I begged to do it. I am trying to become a photographer one day and the only way to get better at it is to take photos. So Kim & Tyler let me take them out on a photo date and we had a blast…at least I did, HAHA.

We walked around downtown and took a little over 200 pictures and I got to do my 1st session with people, I have been scared to take pictures of people for a long time. I think I did pretty good but I think I could have done better.
For the next couple of weeks my family is going to be in town for my sister’s wedding, so I won’t be posting as often. Feel free to check out Kim & Tyler’s session and check out my fan page.

Here is a last one, feel free to check the rest out….


One thought on “So here is the deal….

  1. no matter if u finished or not,i like all the work u do.the thing about this being your blog is that your the artist and iits your vision ,opinion,and personal view of how u want to do it. i wish i had the energy,time and thought process to put something like this together and actually see it through.Great job dud

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