I’m Back

Hello friends:

I know I just puffed about 2 weeks ago. I was hanging with family and taking a little time off. I am from Panamá and my family from Panamá came in town for my little sister’s wedding 09.03.11 and we had a blast.
The photos on this post were not taken by me, they we taken by some talented young ladies. Amanda from Bel Momento Photography did the wedding and Kimberly from KimbaWayne Photography did the photobooth.

If you guys are my friends on facebook, Amanda has done lots of sessions with the offspring and she has done a superb job at it. She is based in Memphis, but she travels and loves doing what she does. You can follow her on facebook or bookmark her site. You can make your next event a Bel Momento event, you won’t regret it. One day I will take her family photos, I look up to her a lot so I’ve been scared but in the next couple of weeks I will do it.

This young lady has been shooting around town for a while and doing lots of events, we worked together in a wedding, she was trying to show me how weddings works…it was a arabic wedding so it was a little interested, LOL. Kimberly has been a great friend and even let me use her as an experiment to get me out of the fear of taking photos of people. She is also on facebook, you can go like her page as well or bookmark her site.

After this fun stuff I will be back on blogging and taking photos around town. Also will be doing private sessions (portraits/engagements/family/events) just let me know and we can work on details, prices and more. You guys know how to find me…on facebook
For now show this ladies some love and support as well, like my blog is about Memphis, this ladies are from Memphis, support your local artist.


One thought on “I’m Back

  1. love it love it love it !!! Anything that has to do with family and how family can be represented in a positive light ,is truly awesome. I think u just got your idea for your next topic and what it should be sir……

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