A Ghost with a Purpose

So as I drive around town I spotted some white bikes in Midtown. As my mind doesn’t operates like most minds I started to think, yup scary, I thought about the reason for the bikes. To be honest none of them made sense and I decided that it was the beauty of weird Midtown Memphis, but I couldn’t be wronger…yes I said wronger, you know more wrong than wrong.

Moving on…

I research the reason for the bikes and it turned out to be something so cool that I had to write about it. The ones in Memphis are for Chris Davidson, a 37-year-old guy that left the Hi Tone after a concert and was struck by a hit-and-run driver. I found this on the Memphis Flyer site.

The Ghost Bikes are a memorial to fallen cyclist. The ones here are located where Davidson started and where he was hit. This actually shows that cars aren’t the only ones on the road. Every time I am driving when I see a bike or a motorcycle I made sure I am extra careful. Davidson could have been with us still if the person that hit him would have stopped and help.

They do this all over the world, you can read about Ghost Bikes here. I think the reason for this is a really cool way to make people aware that cyclist and even motorcyclist have a right to share the road with us car driving people. So here is my request, please LOOK TWICE, let the guys and girls in 2 wheels feel save riding around the city.


4 thoughts on “A Ghost with a Purpose

  1. Some interesting stuff, Aleks! Never knew about the “ghost bikes”!
    I love your accent. Your voice on paper. Your photos.
    Everything is great! Press on, my friend!
    Jane BG

  2. Dude that brought tears to my eyes but it also makes people aware that life and death are real and to just watch out for the next person on the street cause u never know when and where the next freak accident can happen or how with a little patience it could be prevented. As usual this is some awesome research and a worth while reading article/ material:)

  3. Very nice sir! Very informative and a great reminder to all motorist! I used to ride motorcycles and i notice them but not everyone does

  4. Chris is the Brother of my friend Donnie. Brought tears to my eyes to see these bikes. Thanks for posting this. I don’t get out much and hadn’t seen them.

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