Hauntedweb of Horrors

I have a crazy love for scary movies, zombies and stuff of that nature. So when a friend told me about helping at a haunted house I was a little more than excited. So we get to orientation day and I am so pumped, it was my first time at a haunted house, and I am actually working in it, Awesome!!!!!

So I contacted the scary, in a good way, people from the Hauntedweb to ask them questions about it. They were very happy to answer them and here is what I found.
Also contacted the talented Roger Cotton from Roger Cotton Photo & Video that was happy to let me use some of his photos for this post.

(scroll past my picture…)

They started back in 2001 but in 2006 they started operating as Hauntedweb of Horrors. It was created by some very talented folks, Patrick French, Lin Workman and Kenny Scott. They have moved all over town, from the square in Midtown to Bartlett and for the last 5 years they have been at Germantown and Trinity. This last location according to Patrick is their favorite, “We love this location because it is family oriented with lots of other businesses and restaurants people enjoy going to”

You are probably wondering do they scare people for fun?? Well there is a reason for the scaring, Youth Villages and their Transitional Life Program. All the proceeds go to that program, last year’s they donated a grand total of $78,000. Youth Villages is the biggest sponsor they have. Other people like, Pepsi and Power Play sponsor them too.

The beauty of this haunt is that you get to pick how you want to get scared. They have two different haunts in one building.
Tormented (my favorite): you’ll enter Dr. Hacker’s twisted insane asylum, then get discarded into the Dark Bayou where you must escape a hillbilly nightmare.
Dark Matter: This visual thrill of darkness and light, coupled with 3D glasses, is designed to frighten you out of your mind. This is the only 3D haunt in Memphis. When you walk into this one you will see clowns and lots of them but they won’t make you laugh. The artist behind this insane 3D madness is Lin Workman from Pencil Neck Studios, and guess what, the 3D lenses are made here in Memphis so John Jerit (American Paper Optics) provided them with the research material to make Dark Matter a truly 3D experience.

On average they have a little over 60 volunteers ready to scare the living daylights out of you every night, but over the 12 nights they are open about 150 volunteers come to help and scare an average of 15,000 people, that was last year’s attendance hopefully there will be more this year.
As I type this I learned that Hauntedweb is full of great Memphis talent. The people behind it have one mission in mind and its to help a very good Memphis organization and they do an awesome job at it.
So, come out and check it out, bring a group of firends and get ready to be scared. Here is the schedule for the haunt and the tickets info.


One thought on “Hauntedweb of Horrors

  1. im happy u are living ur dream but hoonestly its somewhat gross even though the blood is fake. Im beginning to wonder about u and this zombie fetish lol…… Regardless great work on the article and good stuff dude:)

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