Once a year Rib

Yes, I am back and yes I am talking about this….I know its not a local place, its a big chain and I could careless if they were gone. Well, they are here and I find it interesting that once a year this sandwich comes to town and people goes bananas about it.

The McRib has a cult-like following and people that like it love it. So I did a little research about it and found out that; this is the 2nd time that it comes out since 1994 and its only out for 3 weeks. I am not going to write too much about this because I really don’t want to promote this place too much.
You are probably wondering why I call it a cult-like following. I am not a fan of this restaurant but I do get ONE McRib when they come out. I have a friend that does not eat land animals but she breaks that rule once a year, yup you guessed it, she breaks it to eat a McRib.
People that eat it don’t want to know what’s in it and I think life is better because of it. Anyways, that was my little rant about the McRib, now moving to something local and something more important…see you on the next post.


2 thoughts on “Once a year Rib

  1. You make it look absolutely delicious. Great photography! Great color! I’ve never had a McRib, but based on how you make it look—I think I will have to try it, but just once!

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