November Madness

After stuffing myself until I couldn’t stay awake anymore I decided to go to bed, but that didn’t happen. I left the house about 11:15pm to see the crowd of people trying to buy a tv, toy, movie or just going to do some Black Friday shopping because that’s what everyone does. I saw some friends that were 2nd in line at Target, they were on a mission trying to buy a big TV.

Every year people goes bananas about Black Friday, they search for deals and some even come up with a plan on how to get there early so you won’t miss out on sales or limited quantity items. I did it once and not doing it again. I can understand why people go for a big ticket item but I really can’t see a reason for people going to buy small items that are on “sale” for only $10 to $30 less than regular price.

I met a couple at Target as they were waiting and they were telling me about their mom starting some riot or something involving the cops at Toys R us last year…they seemed pretty happy about it. When I asked if they were there for any specific item they said NO…the only thing I could think was – “you came out here in the cold with all these crazy people because you LIKE it”, that’s just crazy.

Not the crazy couple but my crazy friends

Best Buy, Target and the Mall were the big spots to go shopping, I saw friends all over, some at Target, my sister at the mall and even another friend taking pictures around town like I was. Next year I think I might…NOOOOO. I love online shopping way better, I will leave Black Friday for my crazy friends out there.


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