A look into my Navidad

There are so many traditions and when we were looking for one for our family we looked into a whole lot of them. From going to look at Christmas lights to buying a Christmas CD to watching a Christmas movie together. We finally decided to do…wait for it…all of them.

On year someone gave us an Elf on the Shelf for Christmas after the offspring was born so we added that to the list of traditions.

Let’s recap for a second, every year we go to look at Christmas lights, we found a sweet spot around Davies Plantation and I can’t seem to find it online to put it here. I buy a Christmas CD every year, this year I bought the soundtrack to the movie Elf. We have this thing, its kind of became a tradition, we get together with other couples and watch Elf together. And “Buddy” our Elf on the shelf hangs around the house from Black Friday to Christmas.

One thing we as humans do is hold on to traditions, and we all have them whether we grew up with them or we come up with them on our own. This year make your Christmas count and celebrate Jesus being born however you want it. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, well celebrate whatever you celebrate however you like it.

PS: What are some of the traditions you have with your family or yourself?


2 thoughts on “A look into my Navidad

  1. That was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes.Celebrating Christ is the real reason for christmas ,but also family and family tradictions are awesome also,cause it gives everyone something to look forward to every year.i thank God for letting me see another day:)

  2. we dont have any lol. BUT it’s nice to have christmas traditions. maybe one day we’ll have one..or two lol 🙂

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