You are probably wondering why this post is about Nashville and not Memphis, well I went to Nashville recently and got to see some cool places and cool people. I was also able to learn a little about the city. A city that local is the “normal”, a city that is proud of what they have and don’t mind showing it off. We ate at a couple of local places like Jackson’s, The Dog of Nashville, South Street and of course Loveless Cafe. The food was phenomenal in all 4 places.

For those of you who know me I love root beer, I love it so much that if I go anywhere and they have a different version/vintage/world famous or any type of root beer I will try it. Loveless Cafe had their vintage version and it was tasty. One funny thing about me is that I love coffee but every time I go to a coffee shop I order chai tea, Hot & Cold had some tasty chai. As we drove around I was looking for anything I could take a picture of and as usual I was looking for something odd and I found a giant microphone.

For some of you Nashville is home or a place close enough when you just need to get out. For the wifey and me Nashville is…a bad memory, a new good memory, a place that we can look back at and laugh because of what happened once before.

We went to Nashville for our honeymoon and I must say we didn’t have a very good time, people were rude to us and they would stare at us. Just not a place we wanted to be. This last time with the help of 2 great friends (Jaime and John) we were able to explore a Nashville that we didn’t know it existed.


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