3 Zombies and 2 Humans walk into a bar…

I meet people all over the place and somehow our path usually cross somewhere in life; lately, the people I have been meeting and I share an interesting relationship and a quirky obsession…we love scary, gory, brain eating ZOMBIES.
This is part of a little secret that only some people know about me, and I am letting you guys in on the secret, so don’t tell anyone else.

I met Sarah in a movie set for a Vampire/Zombie movie a couple of weeks ago and she posted on an event facebook: a Zombie Flash Mob.
We met with some people at the Kroger parking lot on Highland just to find out that Sarah was actually kicked out by security because she was parked too long and looked different; she had on zombie make-up, and we were also told that MPD was going to be called if we didn’t leave the premises.
We ended up at Sarah’s apartment’s parking lot trying to regroup, but at the end we only had 3 zombies: Sarah, Eddie and Craig.
After almost calling it quits we decided to go find food. We went to IHOP and after ordering drinks one of the girls says “A burger sounds good”…someone said “Huey’s is down the street”, so we ran out off to Huey’s.

So 3 zombies and 2 humans walked into a bar*…we sat at Huey’s and as we walked in people were staring. As we sat down, I took some pictures and made all kinds of zombie jokes to the waitress as we sat there and got to know each other.

Yeah, the flash mob didn’t work out but it was a lesson learned, we will try it again and it will rock. As for me it was a great night and got to know some really cool people.
Just remember, get out there meet some people and it doesn’t matter how different they are they always have a cool story to tell.

*quote from Edie


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