Rocky Horror Memphis

After being in Memphis for almost 13 years and doing some interesting things, I can say that I have had a great time in Memphis. I have met some interesting people, some of them a little “funner” than others.
A couple of week ago I got to meet a group of people, the Absent Friends, at a movie set and after seeing how they interact with each other and how they played off each other’s lines I asked them what they did; their answer…Rocky Horror Picture Show.
So we talked about it and they invited me to come to one of the shows. As usual, I dragged my friend Troy with me, who is also a part time photographer (he gets the credit for the cool group picture at the end). So we packed up our cameras and went to the show. The show was a little more than I expected. I have seen the movie before, but never with a live cast.

The cast started in September 2010. It’s a little of a “frankenstein” cast,; a lot of the members came from different casts including Mystie, who has been directing this one (as well as other casts in a different city) since 1995. All of the costumes and props were built, bought, made and created by the cast and they improve on parts and pieces every month. The costumes were great, very detailed and true to the show.

During the show the audience gets to participate (if you have ever been to a RHPS you know what I mean) from water guns to toast, to cards, and even toilet paper, creating a very eventful show as well as a very fun one. After Trixie told us the rules, all you have to do is follow them and enjoy the show.
I also met Bryan “Kestrel”, who is an avid supporter of Rocky Horror, Improv Comedy and all the local performance art that many of the cast is involve in. He always has a great smile on his face.

Overall the show was awesome, you get to yell, throw things and even dance, the time warp. Meeting Mystie, Scott, Ashley and Joe was a very cool thing, they are really cool people and have a real passion for the show.
They have a show once a month at the Evergreen Theater in Midtown, it is a midnight show so get some rest beforehand. You can get more information on their website or their facebook page. Support your local theaters and come out and watch a show its only $10 with a concession stand next door (Mapco), and don’t forget to bring some extra cash for props.


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