Oaklawn Garden

On my quest to find places for photos and hidden gems in Memphis I ran into this place.
It is an old botanical garden in Germantown that goes back…way back, like 1918 back.
This place is really cool, there is some old farm equipment, an old fire truck, and even an old caboose.

I took a couple here to do some photos and they turned out great, you should see them (here). The property is on 400+ acres but the botanical garden part is about 20 acres.

During the spring the place is blooming with different varieties of native daffodils, azaleas and other native flowers. Its a really neat place. You get to walk around the whole place and explore, kids love it so much to see. You need to check it out, its on 7831 Old Poplar Pike, when you the the red train on the side of the road you are there.


One thought on “Oaklawn Garden

  1. I love the water pump. I guess it’s called POSO or POZO in Spanish. Vintage is kinda awesome.

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