Family Time and Dreaming

I know I’ve been gone for a while but I have a good excuse. I for some reason stopped dreaming and seeing things farther than the next 24hrs.
Well my wife and I got involve in some awesome stuff (if you want to know just contact me) but things have been changing for us a lot lately in a good way.

All this changes took me to a great journey and a awesome way to re-launch my blog and keep you guys entertain with what Memphis has to offer. Don’t be afraid to dream and keep striving to reach that dream.
My dream of a more active me finally started with a trip to ride the Memphis Greenline with my family. The coolest, funnest and entertaining 6mi I ever rode. It was really cool riding a bike under the 240-40 loop. The offspring was having a ball and he wanted to ride the bike but he was happy sitting on the back of the bike.

Also we found the 3rd “I Love Memphis” mural, it was somewhere between Mendenhall and Perkins. I can’t believe it took me this long to do the greenline, it was a nice ride and there were so many people there running, riding or just walking.

Start dreaming, get out, have fun and take your family with you… its worth it.


One thought on “Family Time and Dreaming

  1. Love the greenline and love your family!

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