Happy 901

September 1st was to most of the world just another day but to Memphis it was Memphis Day – 901 Day. I happened to be off work that day and took my family downtown to ride the trolly not knowing that there were some festival going on.

The offspring found a cool hat he decided to model for everyone. I think it was awesomely cool looking, but you tell me.

A lot of local businesses and local craft people and artist were there, the offspring asked for a sno cone so we sat and listen to the music while he was enjoying his sco cone.

Overall it was an awesome weekend. Downtown Memphis was packed with people celebrating a special day for the city and enjoying a beautiful day.


One thought on “Happy 901

  1. dude u really get around huh…… i had no idea that we had a 901 day. and thats my birthday!!! wow…i realy have to get out more.

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