Random Critter

Well, here is a random post about a squirrel in the middle of the street. I was driving around town and came across this…it is on the overpass on Walnut Grove and Germantown Parkway, has anyone notice this?

Well, that was your random find of the month.


3 thoughts on “Random Critter

  1. these are scattered all over town. i’ve started keeping an eye out for them. i think they’re fun 🙂

    • Where have you seen them?

      • there’s one on union on a concrete block close to the street just east of the wendy’s. there’s one on the concrete underpass across from the target on poplar at ridgeway trace. there’s one on an abandoned captain d’s building on park just east of highland. there’s one in the window of free-wheeling frank’s on g’town pkway. there was one at poplar & white station at the old bp station, but that site has been razed. and he’s joined by a bubble-blowing raccoon on the i love memphis mural in cooper young. i imagine there are more, but those are the ones i’ve seen. it’s like a treasure hunt. lol

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