The Best Ghost in Town

I can appreciate a great beer and in Memphis you can find a great variety of beer but there is one that I have fallen in love with and its Ghost River.

I had the opportunity to visit the brewery and take some pictures. Talked to Chuck Skypeck  and he gave me some really cool facts about the brewery. Chuck has been brewing for over 20 years in Memphis with Bosco’s but with Ghost River has been brewing for only 5 years, needless to say he knows his beer.


Random Ghost River fact… this is the freshest beer on tap, it takes about 7 days from the beer being bottled up to being served at your favorite bar around town. They may have a small spot in downtown Memphis but they put out some serious beer, about 6000 barrels a year.


The brewery only delivers to Shelby and DeSoto county. He tells me that for the upcoming events in Memphis they are creating some special beer. Some of the events are, beer week and Memphis in May. I won’t give much detail but by what Chuck told me they will have some great beer.

The have 3 beers that you can find all year long, Golden Ale (my favorite), Cooperhead Red and Glacial Pale Ale. They also have some seasonal beers, such as, Black Magic (Feb-Apr), Witbier (May-Aug), Oktoberfest (Sept-Oct) and 1887 IPA (Nov-Feb). I am making a point to try their seasonal beers and I am looking forward to Beer Week to see what they have up their sleeve.

You guys know how we do this, support your local brewery. Ghost River Brewery is local and is here to stay.


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