8 Questions with… Kat Gordon

I was very fortunate to be able to hang out with the fun loving crew at your friendly neighborhood bakery, Muddy’s Bake Shop.
I was able to sit with the president of awesome, Kat, and ask her some questions. She was super nice and her crew was just as inviting, needless to say I felt like I was part of the crew while I was there.

Kat Gordon
Muddy’s Bake Shop


1. What’s your inspiration for doing what you do?
KG: Honestly so much of my inspiration comes from the people I work with. Its a really creative bunch and its really cool to work with a group of people who are just real passionate, not just about food but about people. Just can not help but to get inspired around all of that.

2. Out of everything you make, what’s your favorite?
KG: I love to make the fruit pies. The process of cutting up the fruits, mixing it all up, I love rolling out pie dough. So that’s my favorite thing.

3. What’s your favorite comfort food?
KG: Can I just say FOOD? I am definitely an eater, but favorite comfort food… probably cookies, yeah cookies and like a nice tall glass of milk its so comforting.

4. Where do you dine when you are not at work?
KG: Everywhere, I think I might be responsible for keeping a whole lot of restaurants in business. I never cook at home anymore. I love going to Andy and Mike’s place Hog and Hominy and they are open late which is great. I love Bangkok Alley, which its right next door and its fantastic, sushi. We have so many great places here. DejaVu…some turnip green, yeah so good.

letf - right... mocha madness, key lime, tomboy, pink lady, pucker up

letf – right… mocha madness, key lime, tomboy, pink lady, pucker up

5. What is one thing you have learned from another chef?
KG: This is tough, so much. Memphis chefs are great about sharing their knowledge. But thinking about probably the best thing that I learned, Ben Smith from Tsunami is an amazing role model. He is so humble and you should ask him about his opinion of “rockstar” chef, he is so quick to give credit to his team. He is the first person that taught me that you can be great at what you do but to have a business based on what you do, you’ve got to have great people, you got to be willing to acknowledge that they are fantastic, he is such a team player, that’s probably the most powerful lesson I learned from a chef.

6. What is your philosophy when it comes to food?
KG: Don’t be afraid of it. Experiment with it, try new things. Don’t be afraid of failure. I had as many recipes be absolutely awful as I have good ones. You learn from trying something. At the same time I like to keep things basic as much as possible. It really tickles me when people describe this as a gourmet bakery, like we are anything but gourmet, all of our stuff are really basic ingredients, like butter, eggs, you know lemon; it’s not lemon lavender…its LEMON. So we stick with the comfort food basics and I think its a lot of pressure for a chef to add some crazy ingredients, don’t be afraid to keep it simple if that is what you want to do.

7. What is it like working in your kitchen?
KG: Hectic, I think that is probably anybody’s kitchen. Also kind of wacky we have some pretty fun characters here and its bizarre the things that can set people off on a giggle fest, just getting so cracked up and laughing together.

8. What is something new that we can expect from you?
KG: Right now working on a lemon rhubarb cake, that I am pretty sure its going to change Memphis forever with how delicious, so hopefully you’ll be seeing that in the bakery case.

This place is a little piece of heaven here in Memphis. I personally love Pucker up and they have the cutest little pies, they are like a cupcake size but a little bite size pie.
I always like to promote local business, and this is no different. Let’s support our local people working hard to make a difference. Check out their site, Muddy’s Bake Shop and you can even follow them on instagram for some sweet (pun intended) pictures or twitter.
Muddy’s Instagram
Muddy’s Twitter

The awesome crew

The awesome crew


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