Inside the Sears Tower

I was able to go into the Sears Building in Crosstown thanks to the friendly folks at Crosstown Development Project.


This was an interesting tour. I really enjoyed it. The building opened its doors in 1927 employing about 1,000 people. On its first day of business they had almost 30,000 shoppers.

I used to work about half of block from the building and always thought that it would be so cool to go into the building but I was wrong…it was AWESOME going into the building.


The building has been empty since 1983. We got to meet Frank, the grounds keeper, he took me and my buddy Chris all the way to the 7th floor. Got some great pictures. You can find more on my facebook page.



One thought on “Inside the Sears Tower

  1. Sent this to my mom. My grandmother, her mom, who just died before Crystal’s wedding used to work for Sears back then, and worked her way up to be one of the head people there which really wasn’t heard of for women at that time in the country. She’ll enjoy these photos I think J They look cool! Be a fun place to do a shoot.

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