8 of 52 – Fire Edition

This week’s post has a little more meat to it. I went to the Fire Museum and met my buddy Roger, he gave me an awesome tour of it and I got to learn a bunch of stuff. I learned that the museum is non-profit, they are working on remodeling the museum and they have a wall that has marks from horses kicking it since back in the day the fire engines were horse drawn and they had stables in the fire stations and when the horses heard the sirens they knew what time it was.


You should check it out, its a very neat place and the remodeling they are working on will be epic. Also there was one more thing I learned… there are Fire Trucks and Fire Pumpers, all stations have pumpers but not all have trucks, yes, I just said not all stations have a fire truck…mind blown
Here are more pictures from my visit to the Fire Museum – click here

Be good and be safe


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