10 of 52

This is a little crazy. I have a crazy love for graffiti, don’t know why. One thing people talk about its the fact that it can be vandalism, that its not art and that its disrespectful.
There is a guy in Memphis that has done some really neat street art around town and I actually like his stuff.


Nosey42, he has some massive murals in Memphis, like the one on Whatever’s wall on Highland and Southern.
I can agree with some about it being vandalism if it is some type of gang tag but to me some of the stuff I have seen are a little more like art. What do you think?
You can identify his stuff for the signature 42 on every piece he does. The piece on the picture is on a huge graffiti wall in Midtown, on Cooper and Walker, it is completely cover by different artist.
You know how I do this. Be good and make a difference


One thought on “10 of 52

  1. Ive always seen the diiference .. gang graffiti could be art if it wasnt so simple .. when i was a kid i wanted to paint a house like some of the things i saw in the back of the source lol

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