31 of 52 – Prince Mongo Edition

So I am on week 31, probably the longest I have done a project and after this week’s adventures I can’t make myself stop.
I was able to go into Ashlar Hall and what it look like an ordinary trip to an old place had an interesting outcome.


After walking in an old man greeted us and told us to go around and take our time. My buddy Roger, Brent and I just walked around took some photos and made jokes about what happened in the place and the different things we saw. The castle is a very interesting place. Ran into the old man a couple of time and didn’t say much to him.
Finally while taking some pictures of the back around the pool Brent asked him if he knew Mongo….his answer was “that’s me, I am Mongo”. To me the whole trip had a different meaning, at that point looking at THE Mongo looking through the trash for things to salvage he turned from this obnoxious character into a person, no crazy talk, no crazy outfits just a guy looking to save some memories.


The castle is going to be transform into a place for vets and veterans services, you can read about that here


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