Who am I?

Wanna know who I am, who is behind the lens? A man of many words but 75% of them in Spanish, a man of many talents but none of them good enough to share, a man who sees the world for what it is with no colors, no races…a world that is as real as the air we breathe as the water we drink.

The Guy
Born in Panamá, I was there for 18 years and then moved to Memphis TN, a city with lots of good things and some bad mixed in. A city where you can sit at a coffee shop and talk to a lawyer, a punk rocker and that cute girl on the corner and realize we all are the same, we all are not that different and we can tell each other the same story with different names but the same situation.
I have learned a lot from both cultures…I love the Spanish culture and also love the American culture, they have so much to offer to the world. My life is simple, I work, I have a wife and an offspring.

The Blog
It all started as an experiment, trying to find something in Memphis that made sense. Since I came to Memphis in 1999 I was told how bad Memphis was and how Memphis had nothing to offer.
Since I drive so much around town I decided to take pictures of what I saw and what I like. I found so many things to do and so many fun things around the city.
I went out on some photo walks and found some really cool building with lots of history behind them so I started to research about it and it turn my little photo blog into a blog about Memphis and what we see in the city. Lot of history, lots of odd stuff and lots of what I think its fun.

Enjoy the ride and have a good time…



One thought on “Who am I?

  1. Hey!

    I couldnt find your email address from the last time we set up the meeting with you and Josh at The Green Beetle. I wanted to shoot you an email about an event we’re hosting in hopes you could help with some exposure! Next Sunday, June 23rd, The Green Beetle is hosting a benefit for Friends For Life from 3:00-7:00. We are asking for $10 donations at the door that will get you a free well drink and a cupcake. There will also be appetizers offered, door prizes, and a band. You can check out the event on Facebook. It’s called Red Party and it is linked the The Green Beetle’s Facebook page. Thanks and hope to see you there!

    Meredith Pittman
    The Green Beetle

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