An Old Hospital

So I have been gone for a while…

I am back and I have been on adventures. I have started a new project, a new job, we have a new baby and a little of everything. I am also part of an awesome photo group, Shoot to Kill – Memphis, the best community of photographers I have ever been a part of.

We were able to go to the an awesome urbex trip to an old Marine Hospital and it was so amazing, here are some photos from my trip.




I have forgotten how much I love walking in to old buildings. Learning the history about them, imagining what happened there and all the people that was a part of the place.

Until next time my friends… be good and be happy.


Good Ole Brew

I was able to go out with my buddy Wes and take some pictures and we stopped by the Old Tennessee Brewery Building. I wasn’t able to get in (and still want to) but I took some pictures while we were down there.


I really wish I could give you more history about this place but I don’t have it. If anyone know how I can get in to take pictures please let me know.


I will keep exploring Memphis for empty buildings and try to go in and take pictures and get the history behind them