An Old Hospital

So I have been gone for a while…

I am back and I have been on adventures. I have started a new project, a new job, we have a new baby and a little of everything. I am also part of an awesome photo group, Shoot to Kill – Memphis, the best community of photographers I have ever been a part of.

We were able to go to the an awesome urbex trip to an old Marine Hospital and it was so amazing, here are some photos from my trip.




I have forgotten how much I love walking in to old buildings. Learning the history about them, imagining what happened there and all the people that was a part of the place.

Until next time my friends… be good and be happy.


Inside the Sears Tower

I was able to go into the Sears Building in Crosstown thanks to the friendly folks at Crosstown Development Project.


This was an interesting tour. I really enjoyed it. The building opened its doors in 1927 employing about 1,000 people. On its first day of business they had almost 30,000 shoppers.

I used to work about half of block from the building and always thought that it would be so cool to go into the building but I was wrong…it was AWESOME going into the building.


The building has been empty since 1983. We got to meet Frank, the grounds keeper, he took me and my buddy Chris all the way to the 7th floor. Got some great pictures. You can find more on my facebook page.


Walking in Memphis

There is so much to see in this city…
I have been here for 11 years and people always tell me, there is nothing to do in Memphis. I really think they are not looking for it, I think they are not exploring the city where they live.

Spending 3hrs with someone on a Saturday morning at 8am is not normal but it was rewarding, I got to learn a lot from my friend, Joey, and we got to see what Memphis looks like before everyone wakes up.

We discovered a lot of random buildings and their random stories. Well, again who am I to write a story about these things. I will leave the writing to the guy behind Midtown.Middle Class.Medium Rare, he’ll make you think, cry and laugh all in one sitting. I am just the guy with a camera taking the pictures.

This is a building that hasn’t been used in years. The Pyramid, closed back in 2004, a fun fact about it, the Memphis Pyramid is the 6th tallest pyramid in the world. Notice anyone famous in this picture?…of course Elvis would be in Memphis.

There is no telling what you can find in random allies in the city, an abandoned car, I couldn’t tell you the brand but I am loving the color.

We even found an old fire truck. This picture is part of the Fire Museum of Memphis.

These photos are part of the safari that Joey and I took together a couple of weeks ago, he has some more on his blog, See.

I am not very good when it comes to writing about something, that’s why in a lot of my post I have very little to say, but even if you are not good at writing get out there look for the things you like in Memphis and take a picture, a mental note of the cool, pretty or just plain odd things you can find.


60 N. Main St.

Here is a little bit of history…On my little safari I heard some interesting things about some places in Memphis, this building is one of those. Did you know the tower is a replica of New York’s Woolworth Building, thanks Joey, it is also one of the Historic Places in Shelby County. You can read more about Columbian Mutual Tower (The Lincoln American Tower).
PS. Just like everything in Memphis it has more than one name.