An Old Hospital

So I have been gone for a while…

I am back and I have been on adventures. I have started a new project, a new job, we have a new baby and a little of everything. I am also part of an awesome photo group, Shoot to Kill – Memphis, the best community of photographers I have ever been a part of.

We were able to go to the an awesome urbex trip to an old Marine Hospital and it was so amazing, here are some photos from my trip.




I have forgotten how much I love walking in to old buildings. Learning the history about them, imagining what happened there and all the people that was a part of the place.

Until next time my friends… be good and be happy.


A Heart of Hope

A group of women with a dream started what today we know as one of the best children hospitals in the country, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. These woman started a sewing circle to help children in need and to make a difference in the community. They called it the Le Bonheur Club.
As the club grew it expanded from making clothes to attending to their health needs by taking them to doctor appointments. Local pediatricians knew them very well and when the idea of a children’s hospital came about the Le Bonheur Club was called in.

The hospital’s story goes back almost 80 years when the Le Bonheur club started in 1923. In 1944 they talked about building a hospital for kids and on June 15, 1952 the “most modern” children hospital of the time was open. Helping lots of kids over the years Le bonheur has a very special place in our hearts, we all know someone who has gone there or is there or we have kids that might need their help one day.

Helping children from all over the country and even other countries, Le Bonheur has one of the busiest ER’s in the country but they don’t skimp on the help the provide our children.